Businesses need to grow. To do that they need access to money. And that money typically comes in debt of some form.

Debt comes in many shapes and sizes but ultimately, they almost all involve borrowing against the businesses’ assets or its cash flow.

I have worked in and around this area for over two decades. I set-up Redwood to provide clear, transparent support and best advice to businesses that require funds.

In my view, that doesn’t mean searching for transactions. It means building relationships.

I am passionate about helping people and businesses, that I believe in and respect, achieve their financial goals. I relish the intellectual challenge of making that possible.

Here are some deals in which I’ve been involved that have allowed great ideas and plans to come to fruition:

  • A medical device company raised $50m to finance stage 3 approval on a revolutionary cancer treatment. We used a PIK loan where interest costs are rolled-up rather than paid regularly.  This allowed the founders of the business to retain their equity stake. The treatment works and will save many lives.
  • A chemical company raised $100m to finance a new plant in Texas to make it more attractive to potential buyers. They had no unsecured assets to borrow against.  We used a 2 year ‘holdco’ bridge loan secured on the shares of the holding company and its regional holding companies.
  • A cold storage business raised EUR130m to consolidate their existing debts and increase the leverage on the business. This enabled them to make further acquisitions and grow faster.

The advice and support I offer to companies like these is balanced with deep experience on the ‘supply side’.  I have worked across the credit market, from portfolio management and origination to structuring and syndication.

I would be delighted to discuss the help, support and advice I can provide for your business.


Nicholas Wilhelmy, Founder.