Here to cut through the jargon and help provide the support and advice you need

Clients looking to raise money

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. At Redwood you won’t have to battle through the language of – take a deep breath – debt advisory, risk advisory, credit risk analysis, credit due diligence, portfolio due diligence, portfolio monitoring, financial and risk governance, investment solutions and market risk analysis!

Those are, of course, all incredibly important and valid terms for industry experts.  But their purpose is, ultimately, quite simple: to help businesses like yours raise the funds they need to grow.

Redwood is here to cut through the jargon and help provide the support and advice you need to find the right source of funds from the right company.

We can only do that by working backwards from your vision and the purpose of your investment, via the risks and challenges involved.

Ultimately, by getting to know and understand you, I can help you raise the finance you need to move forward.  I look forward to hearing more!

Institutional Investors

I am entering my third decade in and around the City.  I have worked at RBS, Deutsche Bank and Winchester Capital.

I have specialised in leverage finance, credit risk analysis, structured lending, and bespoke financing.  I have co-led a liquidity and treasury solutions team.

I say this simply to demonstrate that I understand the huge variety of financing options provided by businesses like yours, available to businesses in the mid-market.

My role at Redwood is to help match the right businesses with the right form of debt.  This means, of course, that I should only come to you with potential deals that fall right into your sweet spot – both in terms of size, culture and the instruments required to make them work.

I would be delighted to chat to you about the best way to ensure that I can share your very latest and best thinking with my clients, ensuring that we create deals that work for everyone involved.